Alburg Golf Links Scorecard

USGA Rules and USGA Handicap Manuals apply

Cart paths, cart path extensions, and maintenance paths are immoveable obstructions and players may proceed under rule 24-2b for relief.
In addition to ground under repair, casual water, holes, casts or runways made by borrowing animals, bare areas (that is, areas through the green void of plant life), exposed rock, and grounds crew disturbance of any kind is considered abnormal ground and players may take relief at no penalty using Rule 25-1b.

PREFERRED LIES: Per Section 7 of the USGA handicap manual the following procedure applies when the course is being played under preferred lies (also known as winter rules):

If a player’s ball lies on any part of the fairway, or on any part of the fringe of the green, on the hole which is being played, the player may mark, lift, clean, and place his ball without penalty within one club length of its original position and not nearer the hole. Before lifting, he must mark the position of the ball, he must not place it in a hazard or on a putting green, and the player must keep the integrity of the lie.

For instance a side-hill lie in one’s own fairway may be marked with a tee, lifted, cleaned, and placed within a club length of its original position, but it must be placed onto another side-hill lie. A player may place his ball only once, and it is in play when it has been placed (Rule 20-4). If the player fails to mark the position of the ball before lifting it, or moves the ball in any other manner such as rolling it with a club, or if he does not maintain the integrity of the lie, such as moving a side-hill lie to a flat lie, then he incurs a penalty of one stroke and he must replace his ball to its original position and proceed under the rules of golf.

If a player marks and lifts his ball from an area other than the fairway or fringe of the green on the hole he is playing, he incurs a one stroke penalty and must replace the ball to its original position and then proceed under the rules of golf. If the player plays a ball that was put into play under improper procedure, he incurs the general penalty of two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play.

When the course is under preferred lies, balls that are lost through the green due to course conditions such as wetness, may be assumed embedded and a ball may be dropped without penalty as closest as is agreed by the playing partner(s) to where the ball should be. All players must agree upon the spot where the drop will occur and they all must agree the original ball is lost due to course conditions, otherwise the player must proceed under rule 27-1c for a lost ball.

Distance measuring devices such as GPS’s or lasers are permitted during competition provided they measure distance only. Devices capable of providing measurements other than distance, such as elevation, are not permitted even if a player proposes to not use these capabilities. Penalty for breach of this local rule is disqualification.

All bushes, trees through the green are in play unless marked with a red ribbon. In the case where a bush or tree is marked, it will be considered an immoveable obstruction and players must take full relief using rule 24-2b at no penalty. Failure to comply is a 2 stroke penalty in stroke play and a loss of hole in match play.

#4: Should your ball come to rest in the drainage ditch along the right side of the hole, you must play the ball as it lies, unless your ball is clearly in water or is embedded. If your ball is in water or is embedded you are allowed a free drop within two club lengths of its original position and no closer to the hole.

#9: If your ball comes to rest in the side hill fescue between fairways you may take free relief by placing a ball within two club lengths of the point of entry. The side hill fescue is considered dangerous to enter, you do not have to find your ball, but all competitors must agree that the ball has come to rest in the subject area and they must agree as to the point of entry is, otherwise the player must proceed under rule 27-1c for a lost ball.

# 6 and #17: Should your tee shot hit the overhanging wires, you must replay your shot without penalty.

We Strongly Suggest that ALL Players should…

Know the Rules: As a competitor is it your responsibility, and yours alone, to know and properly apply the rules of golf, (Rule 6 – The Player). There is no provision in the game of golf for ignorance of the rules or for playing the game using bad information provided by someone else. Know the rules!

Pace of Play: If there is any doubt as to whether your ball might be out of bounds or possibly lost in tall fescue or rough areas, we strongly suggest you declare and play a provisional ball so as not to slow play. While we’re Young!
Doubt as to Procedure? The committee strongly suggests that you proceed under Rule 3-3 for stroke play and play two balls. See Rules 3-3 for further information.

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